I get mad every time anyone mentions that the U.S.A. is not doing enough for climate change.  Fact: The U.S.A. has a trend for the past few years in reducing our fossil fuel emissions, in fact, we lead all civilized countries in this.  Fact:  The largest producer of air pollution is CHINA. They are building a new coal fired power plant every week.  Electric cars are NOT A SOLUTION!  Where do all the batteries required come from! CHINA! Even if the batteries were made in the U.S.A., we would be dependent upon CHINA, and the Belgium Congo for the raw materials as we have closed our mines to "Prevent" pollution. CHINA and the Belgium Congo are "Slave Labor" countries.  So all you GREENIES would support more POLLUTION and SLAVE LABOR by those countries!  With the catalytic converters being required on combustion engines in the U.S.A., we started lowwering our emmissions!  We have also had radical changes in the design of new car engines, making them more fuel efficient, and more efficient at burning almost all the fuel, resulting in less emissions! Those running on NATURAL GAS are producing even less emissions.  Electric cars require charging stations, using up more of the electric power, that we have a shortage of, due to not enough ELECTRIC POWER.  It takes about 5 years just to get the approvals necessary to build a NEW power plant and up to 10 years to build a new one.  I do not know of any new power plants being built in the last 30 years, with a few being shut down. The pollution produced by China, accounts for up to 75% of the total, and I see no calls by the GREENIES to stop buying from China, and supporting their economy, to the detriment of our economy. SAD! SAD!! SAD!!!