We hear about the "Great" Paris Climate Accords, here is a link to them, read for yourself, on the right side what each country "promises" to do (it is a PDF file). A lot (13 out of the 170) do NOTHING in fact "will PEAK emissions by 2030" (PROMISE they will KEEP GOING UP!) & (88 of 170) will do something "conditioned" ONLY if other countries GIVE them money to do it, PAY their way! (23 of the 170) countries say the will cut emissions by "X"% as compared to 1990 levels, well that was already 31 years ago so in other words they will do NOTHING! One of my favorites is Bolivia (14 down on first page), in their "promises" they say "Denounces capitalism as a system of death", and "rejects carbon markets." This entire Paris Accords is a TOTAL JOKE! Don't trust me, Please read it for YOURSELF: http://www.nrdc.org/globalwarming/files/paris-climate-commitments-table.pdf