Such sad news! I "like" that this report came out. I "like" that scientists have been working on this for years. I "like" that we at least have some good science on what we've been doing wrong, how the world is responding, and what we might do to mitigate the worst effects. We still don't know exactly how the planet will respond, but I "like" that we're studying that, too.


But what I don't like is how oil companies, plus the politicians and entertainment industry dollars they control, have brainwashed a good third of Americans into believing first that climate change was just made up because "look hey it snowed this winter," then that human behavior probably has "some" effects on climate but that it was "too soon" and we "didn't know enough" to make policy decisions in response to it, then that climate change was "real, but not man made, and actually an extra degree or two will let us grow orange trees in Nebraska," then that climage change was real and mayyyybe was causing some droughts and floods "but how much more terrible would quality of life be if we let environmental regulation tank the economy? Huh? Did you ever think of that? We NEED to keep fracking to keep us from falling into chaos and running steam engines on pig farts like in Beyond Thunderdome," to "okay, climate change IS real and it IS bad, and people miiiight be dying and getting sick from it.... but it's in God's hands now. We're on the Titanic, so what's the point of rearranging the deck chairs? We're gonna live in Waterworld soon enough, and I have steaks to cook!" to "We'll just have Elon Musk spread cloud dust over the oceans and that'll solve everything" to "Chemtrails prove that scientists are actually FREEZING the earth and sterilizing our men so that we'll be more compliant with our wives and let the Democrats take our guns" to "The Rapture is coming! 9/11 9/11! Pizzagate! Q Anon! Hillary Clinton is MAKING the earth heat up via the hellfire she uses to cook and eat babies after she drenches herself with their blood during Eyes Wide Shut parties."

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