Jeez Louise! After reading the comments on this thread, I wonder, do some people just think climate change is fake because Democrats talk about it slightly more than Republicans, and they hate the Democrat brand?


Because I hate the Democrat brand, too. But I still trust the thousands and thousands of peer-reviewed studies from scientists across multiple fields--including ones working within the petroleum industry--that say climate change IS real, it IS manmade, and can be minimized if we don't keep our heads in the sand like a bunch of ostriches.


Look, we all know that Democrat politicians are a bunch of hypocritical millionaires! They don't give a crap if we live or die. They give lip service to resolving climate change while flying around to Ibiza in private jets. I think we can all agree that they are ANNOYING as F!


But so what? You don't have to listen to Al Gore or read John Kerry's speech about coal during his visit to China to believe the facts. F those guys!


Instead, why not listen to conservative retired generals like USAF General Ronald Keys?


Heck, if you are in the military and are a conservative, you KNOW that climate change is real an is a huge threat to national security! Don't be a sheep. Be a wolf!